1. The ordering party may choose the following forms of delivery of the ordered goods: 

GLS Courier Company 

2. Shipping cost:
Courier GLS

3. The shipment will be sent according to the following:
in the case of an order paid by bank transfer – up to 48 hours after payment is registered on the Seller's account 

Account number:

ZPU EKO Zofia Kot w spadku
ul. Szafranowa 11
42-200 Częstochowa 

In the transfer title, please provide the order number.
If your order total is more than 350 PLN, the shipment will be sent free of charge. 

Rules for shipping the ordered goods:
A product ready for shipping will be properly packed and secured.
A standard package will be taped with the company tape bearing our logo.
Upon receiving the package, please check to make sure it was not damaged during transport. 

Delivery status and shipment:
You can check the status of your order: 

  • If you created an account when placing your order – you can check the status after logging in. 
  • If you did not create an account – you can check the status without logging in (by providing the order number and your e-mail address).